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What is Angel Tree Run 2024?

The Angel Tree Run is neither a race nor about winning. It is about completing the Journey Together with your family and friends - loved ones who matter most in your life. Journey Together with us - run for a good cause and help us give inmates the opportunity to reconcile with their loved ones! 

What are the events?

5km Run (timed) - Individual
5km Run (timed) - Journey Together Team of 3
2km  Walk - Individual
2km Walk - Family Package (1 Adult & 1 Child 4-14 years old)

When is the Angel Tree Run?

The race will be held on 6 July 2024, Saturday at the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade WP5.

What are my race entitlements?

Exclusive Event T-shirt
Finisher Cap
Angel Tree Run Official Finisher Certificate - 5KM Run
Exclusive use of MyRaceGate app - 5KM Run


How to register?

To register, click here.

What is the minimum age* to participate in the event?

Individual 5km Run. Min age 15 years and above
Team of 3 5km Run. Min age 15 years and above
Individual 2km Walk. Min age 15 years and above
Family Package 2km Walk. Family package includes 1 Adult (Min age 21 years and above) and 1 Child (4-14 years old)

*Age is calculated as of race day, 6 July 2024.
*Parental consent has to be given for participants who are below 18 years old as of 6 July 2024.

Can children under 15 years old join the 5km run?

For safety reasons, we do not allow participants under 15 years old to join the 5KM run. This policy will be strictly enforced, and unfortunately we will not make any exceptions. Our primary concern is ensuring the safety and well-being of all participants, and creating  an inclusive community environment.If you have any further questions or need more information, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

How will I know if my registration is successful?

You will receive confirmation emails upon successful registration. 

I am unable to participate in the event due to illness/injury. Can I get a refund?

After the registration process is finalised and confirmed, there will be no refunds available for participants who, for any reason, ultimately do not participate.

Can I transfer my entry to another athlete if I choose not to participate in the event?

No. Event registrations are strictly non-transferable. The Event Organisers reserve the rights to disqualify the participant whose entry has been transferred. The Organisers reserve the right to exclude both parties from future events.

Can I make changes to the event I want to participate in after completing my registration?

Yes. You may change all information except your first and last name, email address.  To make changes click here and enter your email address and booking reference number found in your confirmation email. Click on “edit registration” and make the necessary changes.

When does the registration close?

Registration closes on Saturday 29 June 2024, 23:59 or once the race reaches maximum capacity.

When and where do I collect the event T-shirt?

*Race Pack Collection will take place at: 
Prison Fellowship Singapore (PFS) Office 
1 Dorset Road, Singapore 219486
Reverend Canon Samuel Baboo Block, Level 3 
Thursday & Friday, 27 & 28 June 
10am - 6pm

*Participants who registered after June 26, 2024, will collect their race packs on race morning. Please arrive at least one hour before your race start time to pick up your race pack.

Is there any insurance coverage?

Event Organisers do not provide personal accident insurance or medical insurance coverage for participants of the Angel Tree Run. Participants are personally responsible for ensuring that their personal accident plan adequately covers them for this race. 


When and where will the Angel Tree Run be?

The event will be held at Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade on 6 July 2024. Details of event time will be announced at a later date. 

How do I get to the venue?

  1. By Car & Taxi: The closest and most convenient location for taxi drop-off and parking is Marina Bay Open Carpark/ Red Dot Museum.

  2. Public Transport:

    • Nearest MRT station: Bayfront MRT station, served by the Circle Line (CC4) and the Downtown Line (DT16). From the station you can follow the signs to Red Dot Museum and walk through the underground link to reach the event venue.

    • Bus Services: Singapore’s bus services are second-to-none with frequent buses to almost every destination. Download the SMRTConnect app to plan your journey to/from Bayfront Event Space.

How can my 5KM run be tracked?

Participants must download the MyRaceGate app, which will be utilised during the race to track their progress.

When will the MyRaceGate app be ready to download?

You can download the MyRaceGate app 4 days prior to race day. Once the app is ready to log in, you will receive an email containing all the necessary information.

What if it rains or there is inclement weather on race morning?

The race will go ahead unless stated otherwise by the organisers.

What are the cut-off times on the course?

The cut-off time is 2 hours after you start your race.

Is there a water station on the course?

No, there is no water available on the run course.  You will have to bring your own drinks for your run.  You will be given a bottle of water at the finish line.


How do I time my 5KM race?

Timing will be conducted via the MyRaceGate app, thus it is essential to bring your phone with you on race day. The timing commences upon pressing the start button on the app and concludes automatically upon completing the required distance.

Can I do the races with a friend or colleague?

Absolutely! We strongly encourage you to participate in this race alongside your loved ones and friends. Each entry will be tracked individually through the MyRaceGate app on your personal mobile device.

Is there a cut-off time?

There is a two-hour cut-off for the Run.

Can I play music while using the app?

Yes, the app has been configured to lower the sound of your music when one of the audio messages is being played. 

Can I upload my results more than one time?

No, only the first uploaded result is captured and taken as your official results.


Where can I find my results?

A provisional live leaderboard will be constantly updated during the race period.  Link will be provided later.


Note: Login to the app will only be made available four (4) days before race day.


Why do I need to use the app?

The MyRaceGate app will monitor your run and enrich your race experience with its unique in-app audio messaging feature. Once you've tracked your run using the app, we will verify and publish your time on the official results online. The link will be provided at a later time.

Do I need to carry my smartphone?

Yes – it's essential as the MyRaceGate app serves as the official method to monitor your run. In addition to logging your run and promptly recording your result, the app offers exclusive audio updates at frequent intervals to uplift your spirits throughout the race.

How do I log into the app?

Instructions for logging in will be sent to your registered email address once the login period commences.

I haven’t received my email with app log-in details. What should I do?

Reach out to our customer service team at

How do I set up GPS tracking on my phone?

Ensure mobile data is switched on and that you have given the MyRaceGate app permission to use your location in your phone settings. You will be prompted to enable location services by the app during the set-up process. If you are using iOS 14, make sure you allow precise location.

What is the in-app audio experience?

We've integrated an inspiring audio commentary to enrich your race experience, keeping you informed about your progress and how you're tracking against your target time.


How will my official time be calculated?

Your official time will be the elapsed time recorded by the MyRaceGate app.

How will I know when I have completed my race?

The app will stop automatically and show your race results.

How should I prepare my phone on race day?

  1. Ensure location settings for the app are set to "always". 

  2. Make sure mobile data is switched on, and switch off your WIFI during the event. 

  3. Make sure your smartphone battery is fully charged and not in low power mode. 

  4. Check your settings for the App to ensure it is running in the background with full power.

  5. To preserve energy in your phone, do not have other apps or browsers open. Make sure your phone plan also has ample data available.

What should I do if I can’t login to the app?

Please allow yourself plenty of time to login before - your race. To login use the email used for registration and booking reference number received in the confirmation email. 

If you can’t login, check that your phone has a full battery and your phone settings are correct.

How can I preserve my phone’s battery life while using the app?

While using the MyRaceGate app, turn off Wi-Fi and only have Bluetooth on if you’re using wireless headphones. Avoid taking or making a call while you’re running, and avoid running other apps.. Important - please do not put your phone in low power mode as the app will not be able to track your distance. Check your mobile data usage settings for the app to ensure it is running in the background with full power.

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